Evolution within KM74 and passage of rafters for adults.

Like the majority of martial arts and combat sports, Krav Maga has different technical levels. In KM74, these levels are obtained following an internal examination. These levels are called “rafters” and represent technical know-how at a given time.

KM74 offers rafters of practitioners who are:

White, yellow, blue, purple, brown, black, black chevron

And rafters for assistant instructors, instructors, head instructors and Masters

chevron with white / black border, chevron with silver / black border, chevron with 1 gold / black border, chevron with 2 gold / red borders


The chevron passages within KM74 are not compulsory. They are however a real benchmark on your ability to know and master techniques of a certain level. Be aware, however, that passing chevrons at KM74 is very demanding technically, physically and mentally. But once the new chevron is acquired, your know-how will grow and give you an advantage over one who does not yet know. Finally, do not forget that the rafters reflect a technical and physical level at a given point in your sporting career and that, to maintain this level, you will have to train regularly.

Become an assistant instructor or instructor KM74

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